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Shrewsbury has a total population of about 102,234 inhabitants. A historic market town, this place has more than 660 historic listed buildings. Some popular ones amongst them include Shrewsbury Public Library, Fish Street, The church of Saint Chad and The Quarry Park, The English Bridge, The Kingsland Bridge, the Music Hall, and The Dingle.

The place is also well known for its culinary expertise and produces the famous English dessert namely the Shrewsbury cakes.

In addition to this the place is home to several primary and secondary schools as well as colleges so as to ensure that proper educational facilities are provided to its inhabitants.

This place has a strong connection with history as Charles Darwin was a resident of this place.

So if you are looking for a place that has a lot of historical buildings and a strong tie up with history then this place is your perfect choice. Make a short trip to this place this weekend with you family and friends. But with so many historical buildings to check out, one visit might not be enough. So be prepared for another visit to this place again in order to learn all the details of this place.

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