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Sheffield is a large city with 560,000 or so urban inhabitants in South Yorkshire. It is one of the eight English Core Cities and a thriving university city with a lot of charm and opportunities. Being a city with two universities, Sheffield has great nightlife and events for students. It also has two historic football clubs and a thriving music scene.

Sheffield is located just to the East of the Peak District and the river Sheaf from which its name derives runs through the south and east of the city. Like most cities in Northern England Sheffield experienced rapid growth during the Industrial Revolution, its steel industry was particularly prominent and the city continues to be an important within the metals industry. The city has gone through a period of revival since the early 2000s and has developed a strong retail and office economy.

House prices in the city are generally higher in the west of the city as during the Industrial Revolution the prevailing winds blew the factory smog towards the East. With the predicted flight of young working professionals from London due to steepling house prices, Sheffield is increasingly being seen as an attractive destination for young couples to raise a family.
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