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Chesterfield is located in Derbyshire and is a market town. The town is located at the confluence of the River Hipper and River Rother. This is one of the largest pen air markets in the country of England.

The town was earlier popular as a coal mining site. However this industry disappeared in the past few years. Even open cast mining is no longer practiced in this area any more. New industries have replaced these earlier industries in this market town. Tunnel boring machine manufacturing and work in the public administration are significant employers in this region.

The town is home to the first international gluten free beer festival in the world. This was held in the month of February in 2006. This was hosted by the town as a part of their regular bee festival. The cuisines available in this town are diverse. It ranges from Italian, Japanese, Indian, Thai and many more. People coming to this town will be able to get their favorite food easily.

One of the most dominant landmarks of this town is the crooked spire of a fourteenth century church. This draws a huge number of people to the town and also contributes a bit to the tourism of this place. Vicar lane, skate park are some of the other places which are landmarks of this market town.

Some of the most popular games played by the people living in this town include swimming, skating, football, rugby, speedway racing and athletics. There are many clubs which offer such assistance to the people.

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