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Leeds is a large city in West Yorkshire with a metropolitan population of over 750,000. The city is the cultural and financial centre of West Yorkshire and a major centre of employment in the area including a great many of the UK’s public administration and telephone banking jobs.

Leeds is considered to be the fourth largest economy in the UK and is an increasingly important location of graduate level jobs. Like many northern cities Leeds grew rapidly during the Industrial Revolution and absorbed the smaller towns around it to become as big as it is today.

The large student population means that the city has great nightlife and areas where student housing dominates the rental market. In general, house prices in Leeds are much more accessible than those further south and as such the city is being considered more and more by people forced out of the London housing market and looking for a vibrant city with good job prospects and affordable mortgages.

Interesting facts about To Rent Leeds on Mitula

92% of the houses to rent have pictures. On average an advert for To Rent Leeds has 8.76 pictures.

The most common number of bedrooms for properties in Leeds is 1, followed by 2 and 3.

Estate agencies in Leeds with houses to rent include Executive Lets - Leeds, Care 4 Properties - Leeds and Lister Haigh - Boroughbridge.

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