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Slough is a town in Royal Berkshire, England. Brickfields and agriculture was the main occupations of the people before the nineteenth century. With the building of roads, new pubs and inns were built in the town. The development of the motor trade also brought about a development in the economy.

The town is served by a number of primary and secondary schools. Some of the notable primary schools are Castleview School, Cippenham Infant School, Holy Family Catholic Primary School and many more. Beechwood School, Baylis Court School, Langley Academy are some of the secondary schools which are notable in this area. East Berkshire College and Thames Valley University are the seats of higher education in the town. They cater to the needs of higher education and research facilities for the people.

Roadways and railways are the main transportation types in this town. The First Great Westen operates the railways in this town. This railway connects the town to places like Reading and London Paddington. Since the town is near London, the people from this place can easily move to the other places for their work purposes. There is a huge movement of passengers daily during the morning and the evening time in the town.

The Slough Central library, Slough retail park, Slough Ice Arena, Upton Court Park, the Horlicks factory, Crossbow House, Observatory house are some of the notable places in this town. They attract tourists from all over the country and help the town to earn money in tourism.

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The most common number of bedrooms for properties in Slough is 2, followed by 1 and 3.

We found houses in Slough in Sl1 and Sl2.

Estate agencies in Slough with houses for sale include Chancellors - Slough Sales, Century 21 - Slough and Century 21 - Reading.

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