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Newton Abbot

A market town and civil parish, Newton Abbot is a historic place with numerous different architectural buildings and entertainment places. Some of the popular and must visit landmarks include Alexandra Theatre (cinema), St Leonard's Tower, Forde House, Bradley Manor, The Passmore Edwards Public Library, Almshouses, The workhouse, Tucker's Maltings, Ye Olde Cider Bar and Newton Abbot Town & G.W.R. Museum. This place is also popular for the historic Cheese and Onion Fayre that is held every year in the month of September in order to pay respect to Saint Leonard.

The place has several comprehensive and primary schools for its residents that amount to about 23,580 inhabitants.

With so many landmarks in one single place, it acts as a major tourist attraction which in turn contributes to the revenue of the place. In order to ensure that the tourists can reach this place with any kind of inconvenience or hassle, the place is well connected by a railway line that ensures one to travel anytime they feel like.

If you were on the lookout for a weekend destination where you can seep in the historic ambience and culture then this place is a perfect area to start with.

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