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A railway town, Crewe is located in Cheshire of England. With inhabitants amounting to nearly 68,000, this place was initially a large railway junction. In fact till 2002 it was one of the leading manufacturing units of Rolls Royce! The Pyms Lane factory on the west of the town is the exclusive producer of Bentley motor cars.

The economy of the place depends on the railways as well as the Bentley car factory, the BAE Systems Global Combat Systems factory, the main office of Bargain Booze. Some other popular companies in the place include the Air Products, Barclay's Bank and Fujitsu Services Ltd.

The presence of railway station as well as the highways is all well connected and thus one can easily access the place without any difficulty or problem.

Some of the popular places of visit in the area are the Crewe Heritage Centre, the Lyceum Theatre, and the private Livingroom art gallery. In addition to all these the place has six Anglican churches, three Methodist, one Roman Catholic and two Baptist churches.

As far as the education of the place is concerned it has both primary and secondary education. They also have one of the branches of Manchester Metropolitan University's (MMU) so as to ensure further education of its inhabitants!

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