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Located in the county of Gloucestershire, England, Cheltenham is a spa town. This is also known as Cheltenham Spa to many people.

The main industries which abound in this town include electronics, tourism, aerospace and food processing. These are some of the industries which employ the highest number of the people in this town. The town also has been named as one of the top property location in United Kingdom.

The University of Gloucestershire has several campuses in the city which offers higher education to the people in this town. The university also offers research opportunities to the budding researchers.

The town is famous for the Cheltenham festival. This is a national hunt racing meeting. This event has the best Irish and the British horses racing against each other. This event takes place in March every year. The Cheltenham roar is also famous as the people shout in a loud way when the first race starts. The Gold Cup which is the steeplechase horse racing is also a part of this Cheltenham festival. The other festivals held here is the Cheltenham literature festival, Cheltenham jazz festival and so on.

The town is famous for the Regency architecture and is one of the most notable towns in the country which has examples of such architecture. Some of the notable places in the town include the Cheltenham Synagogue, the Cheltenham Gallery and art museum, the Holst birthplace museum are some of the places which one can visit during their stay in this town.

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We have 232 houses for this search in the last 24 hours, 1,236 in the past week, 2,907 in the past fortnight and 4,247 in the past month.

98% of the houses for sale have pictures. On average an advert for Cheltenham has 11.16 pictures.

The most common number of bedrooms for properties in Cheltenham is 2, followed by 4 and 5.

We found houses in Cheltenham in Gl51 and Gl53.

Estate agencies in Cheltenham with houses for sale include Complete Property Group - Cheltenham, CJ Hole - Cheltenham and Cook Residential - Cheltenham.

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