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Wigan stands on the river Douglas in the Greater Manchester area of England. Porcelain and manufacturing of clocks have been the major industries in the town during the Industrial Revolution. However after the Industrial Revolution mills and coal also became factors for the betterment of the economy of this town. The huge number of mills in the town made it to be known as the mill town. Coal mining has decreased now. However the people have now shifted to areas like transport, communications, tourism, education and public administration.

Mab’s Cross, Museum of Wigan life, the Wigan pier Quarter, Wigan’s war memorial are some of the notable tourist attractions in the town. These places also contribute to the economy of this town as they draw a good number of tourists to this town.

Football, swimming, speedway racing, hockey, athletics are some of the sports which are practiced widely in this town. Wigan Borough is the first professional football club of the town. This was formed in the year 1920. The Wigan Warlords which is the Inline Hockey team has won sixteen national championships and are European bronze medalists. This club has players from Wigan and the surrounding areas.

The town is home to the World Pie eating championship. This is usually held at Harry’s Bar on Wallgate. The people of this town are often called as “Pie-eaters”.

The town has two primary roads and two railway stations for the easy commutation of the people. The town also has tram facility for the easy commutation of the people.

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