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Watford is a town situated in the county of Hertfordshire. The town is located on the River Colne. This is an important regional centre for the counties in the northern part of the United Kingdom. Retail development has been great in this town in recent times. Apart from this, the huge number of bars, restaurants in this town also contributes a lot to the development of the town’s economy.

The town boasts of a number of places which are a delight for the visitors. This also contributes to a bit of tourism in this town. Cassiobury Park is one of them. The one hundred and ninety acres of open space has been recognized as one of the best maintained green place in the country. Watford Colosseum is recognized all over the world for the fine acoustics. Watford palace theatre is the only theatre producing place. The pump house theatre and arts centre is situated in an old pumping station and located in the lower high street in Watford.

The main modes of transportation available for the people include roads, rails, buses, waterways and the air ways. All these help in the easier commutation of the people in the town and also in going to places in the country. Cycling is also another important means of commutation.

Football is the main sport played by the people in this town. Watford F. C. is the official and the professional football team of this town. There is also an American football team in this town of Watford.

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