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Harrow is a large town situated in Greater London. This town was a municipal borough of Middlesex before it was included in the Greater London area. The town is confused with Harrow on the Hill and is a different area to the south of Harrow. This is the largest town in the northwestern part of Greater London. This is a great suburban area which is located northwest of Charing Cross.

The town boasts of a number of great shops and shopping complexes. The town has two main shopping centers which has the largest number of shops in this county. Apart from this, there are a large number of shops lining the Station Road and College Road. It has been estimated that a hundred shops can be found in this stretch of the road.

The town has good commutation services. Seventeen bus routes which include a bus station, a tube and rail station are the primary commutation services available for the people. Three hundred meters of pedestranised road can also be found in this town. The road consists of many shops and people can buy from these shops also.

Harrow School and the Harrow County School are the primary and the secondary educational institutions in the town. University of Westminster campus is also found in the town and this provides research and higher education facilities to the people.

The Usurp art gallery and studios helps the professional support to the artists and also runs the only public artist studios in the town.
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