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Stockport is a big town in the Manchester region. The town was known in the sixteenth century for the manufacture of hemp and rope. It shifted to silk manufacture in the eighteenth century. It is after the Industrial Revolution that the city started the manufacturing of cotton and allied products and also hats.

Apart from all these industries tourism is also important for this town. The town coats of many important landmarks. Stockport Town Hall, Stockport Viaduct, Venom Park, Reddish and the model village, St. Elisabeth’s Church, Underbank Hall are some of the notable places in the town which are also important tourist attractions.

The people of this town are also hugely into sports. Some of the most important sports that the people engage in are football, rugby, tennis, swimming, lacrosse and athletics. There are training institutions for the sports and people can learn them properly from the institutions in the city.

Stockport College is the highest education centre in the town. For further education and research, the students will have to move out of town. Stockport Grammar School which was started in the year 1487 is one of the oldest schools in the North-Western part of England.

Stockport bus station serves the people for travelling in the town. This is one of the busiest and also the largest bus services in Greater Manchester. Stockport Tivot Dale Station and the Manchester Airport serves the people in the city with efficient rail and air services in the long run for their needs.

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