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Scarborough, a town of North Yorkshire has a small population of about 50,000 people. A significant town historically, some of the interesting places to visit include The South Bay, The North Bay, Spa Bridge (footbridge), The Grand Hotel, The "Belle" at Scarborough Lighthouse. Besides tourism the revenue of the place depends on fishing industry. Even the printing industry is quite well known with the company Pindar makings its impact throughout the world. The town has several colleges and universities in addition to primary and secondary school.

With a temperate climate the place is well connected through its bus, railway services to the rest of England. So whether you want to spend your weekend or more than a few days out here with your friends and family in order to soak in the culture and ambience of the place you can very well do it.

An idyllic place, it is sure to charm you with its several bays, historical buildings, restaurants, pubs, theatres and ample shopping place. So pack your bags and visit this place to rejuvenate yourself in the most relaxing and comforting way.

A 'renaissance towns', this place has received government grant for securing its heritage and future. As a result one will find many classic Victorian buildings with quality present-day architecture.

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