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A seaside town in Kent, Ramsgate is one of the popular seaside towns. With a total population of 40,000 people approximately this place is a tourist’s paradise. Some of the major attractions include: Ramsgate Main Sands is an important joint where the annual Powerboat Grand Prix event is held during the summer. Other events include the annual Addington Street Fair and the French Market in addition to the Hugin, 18th century Townley House, St Augustine's, St George Church, Ramsgate library.

The economy of the place depends on fishing as well as tourism. This marina is home to several bars and pubs. Emerging industry area is the power generation that is expected to create job opportunities for at least 800 individuals.

The place is well connected by air, road, rail as well as sea, so one can very well avail of any of these services to access the other areas in England.

This area has a host of educational centers such as the infant school, primary and secondary schools in addition to colleges.

So if you are looking for an idyllic place to spend your weekend then this is the right destination. Spend your next weekend here before you join your office again.

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