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Milton Keynes, sometimes referred to simply as MK, is a large town in the north of Buckinghamshire. Milton Keynes is unusual in that it is a so called “New Town” and is spread over the previous sites of several small towns and villages such as Bletchley which have been incorporated into it.

When Milton Keynes was being planned in the 60s it was thought that the population would eventually reach 250,000. Today the population stands slightly below that at about 230,000. The town was built equidistant from London, Leicester, Oxford and Cambridge with the idea that it would become a regional centre in time in its own right.

The spacious layout of Milton Keynes includes many roundabouts and a grid system of roads uncommon in The UK. Houses in the town are typically modern and spacious and as a result Milton Keynes is home to a lot of families. Although the centre of the town was originally designed specifically without tall buildings, pressure from business groups and others has led to several tall buildings being erected in the central business district.

Milton Keynes is ideally placed for companies to base their national headquarters and is amply stocked with commercial real estate. The relative availability of detached modern houses, quality of life and availability of jobs make it a great place to live and invest in property.
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