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Hull also known as Kingston upon Hull is a city in East Riding of Yorkshire in England. The city stands on the River Hull. This city was founded in the twelfth century. The city was the place for a series of battles known as the English Civil Wars. The city is also unique as it is the only city in the county which from 1902 had a cream colored telephone system instead of the red boxes which is so popular in the other parts of the country.

Trading, seafaring and sea fishing formed the main part of the economy of this city in the earlier times. it also had a flourishing trade with other parts of the country and hence the port is also very important. Oilseed crushing is also an important part of the economy in the region. In modern times, apart from the above mentioned jobs, the people have also shifted to chemical and health care sectors. Tourism and heavy industries is also responsible for the development of this city.

University of Hull and the University of Lincoln provides the citizens with opportunities to get them educated in higher studies and also pursue research in many fields. This is of much importance for many people.

Tourism which is much responsible for the economic growth of the city is so popular due to the presence of several landmarks. Some of the famous ones are East park, Pearson Park, Hull New Theatre, the Deep, Ferens Art Gallery and many more.

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