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Grimsby is a seaport in North East Lincolnshire. Food, drinks, ports, logistics, chemical industries, renewable energy and digital media are the prominent industries found in this town. The sea fishing industry which is so popular in this town is the backbone behind the wealth earned by the people in this town. However this industry declined due to problems with Iceland. The town is however now famous for the food manufacturing and processing industries. The town has the largest fish market in England. Cod and haddock are the two main fishes which is available in this market.

The port of Grimsby is the largest port in the country in terms of tonnage. The great location of the port on the Humber Estuary makes it the busiest ports in the country. The demand for fish grew in this area and the surrounding areas. This led to the naming of this region as one of the largest fishing ports in the world.

The town is full of landmarks which form a main part of the tourist activities in this area. Some of the notable tourist attractions include Corporation Bridge, Grimsby Docks, Grimsby Dock Tower, Grimsby Institute, Grimsby Marina, Weelsby Woods, Waltham Windmill, Grimsby town hall and many more such places.

Football, tennis, ice hockey and rugby are some of the games which are popular in this town. Table tennis is also popular in this town. The town is the host of one of the biggest table tennis leagues in the United Kingdom.

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