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Hove, initially along with Brighton formed the borough of Brighton. However in 1997 both of them achieved the city status. Located in the south coast of England, Hove is a beautiful place. With a well connected transportation network, the city is connected to almost all the districts. One can also avail of the taxi in case they don’t want to ply on the bus.

In comparison to the hustle and bustle of Brighton, Hove is relatively a calm and quaint place to stay. Although many of its Victorian mansions and regencies have been converted into flats, yet the place is steeped in history. Duchess of Marlborough who was the aunt of Winston Churchill used to reside in the Marlborough Court.

However by the 1990’s the city underwent a complete makeover when the ever famous George Street was made open to the public. As a result different shops, restaurants and hotels opened up in the area. The city’s first large supermarket is located in this street. As a result one gets to see both its past heritage and cosmopolitan nature in this area. In fact, Palmer and Harvey, who are UK's largest distributor of snack foods besides being the owner of UK Mace convenience store brand is located here.

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