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Colchester is a town seeped in history. This is one of the largest settlements in Essex, England. The town has been an important military garrison since the Roman times. The Colchester Garrison is now home to the 16th Air Assault Brigade. From the years 1998 to 2008, the town went through massive changes. The garrison has been removed from a major part of the town and has been made available for the development of housing for the common people.

The town has a number of landmarks which are also great tourist attractions. Some of the most eminent ones are The Castle Museum, the Hollytrees Museum, Natural History Museum, Colchester Zoo, the Mercury Theatre, Tin Pan Alley, Charter Hall, The Fat Cat and many more. All these places attract a huge number of visitors from all over the country and also from abroad.

Buses and trains form the main part of the transport system of the town. This helps the people to commute to the other parts of the town and also go to the other parts of the country.

There are a number of primary and secondary schools which cater to the educational needs of the people. Some of the most important ones include Colchester High School, Oxford House School, St. Mary’s School, Colchester County High School, Gilberd School and many more. The University of Essex which is located in Wivenhoe park is the higher seat if education in the town. This university provides higher degrees and research facilities to the students in this town.

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