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Bournemouth is located on the south coast of England. This is a very large coastal resort town. Before it was founded in the year 1810, the place was only visited by fishermen and smugglers. Dr. Granville’s book “The Spas of England” and the coming of the railways in the country also led to the growth of the town from 1870 onwards.

The grand location of the town coupled with the number of landmarks has made the town a regular tourist destination. A wide number of landmarks are present in the town for the interest of the tourists. Some of them are St. Peter’s Church, Bournemouth pier, Bournemouth Eye, St. Stephen’s, St. Clements, Bournemouth town hall and many more. These places attract a lot of people from all over the country and from outside also.

Most of the people in this town are employed in service sector. Some of the areas in which there is a huge number of people working are banking, finance, transport and communication, construction, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing and many more.

The culture of this town is rich and varied. The town has a number of young people and hence there is a thriving youth culture also. In a survey conducted in 2007, a large number of the population expressed that they were happy with their lives in this town. It was voted as the happiest place in the United Kingdom.

A culturally rich place with great job opportunities makes this town a great place to live and visit.

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