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Bath is a large city in the county of North East Somerset. This city was first set up as a spa. The Latin name given to this city was Aquae Sulis by the Romans. The Romans built baths and a temple in this region. The City of Bath has been included in the World Heritage Site in the year 1987.

Manufacturing was once an important sector in the city. However this industry declined and now other service sector industries have gained prominence. Software, publishing and tourism are the three most important occupations of the people in this city in recent times.

Tourism is one of the most dominant industries in this city. Heritage and cultural tourism are the two divisions made in the tourist sector in this city. The important stages in the history of the country have been represented in this city. Roman baths, Royal Crescent, Thermae Bath Spa all cater to the different stages in the history of the country. The other important places which fall under the cultural tourism section include the huge number of Georgian buildings which can be found in the city. Some of them are Countess of Huntingdon’s Chapel, Trinity Presbyterian church and many more such places.

The University of Bath and the Bath Spa University are the two main universities in this city. Education, English, music, science, performing arts, engineering, mathematics, social sciences, management, technology, architecture, English and creative studies are some of the subjects which people can learn in these two universities.

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