Semi Detached Houses for rent

Semi Detached Houses for rent in The UK

Semi detached housing is often known as semi in the United Kingdom. These kinds of houses are usually pairs of houses which are built side by side with one another. The party wall is shared by both houses. The houses are usually a mirror image of one another. These kinds of houses are often seen as a symbol of the urbanization of many areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The type of housing falls somewhere between a terraced house and a single family detached home. It has been found that in the United Kingdom these kinds of houses are the most commonly purchased and renovated type of home. However this kind of property has recently declined in popularity in the United Kingdom.

Inspired by the Art Deco movement, the houses of this style have distinct influences in their design ranging from Chalet style, ship design and the Tudor revival. Many council houses also followed this format and this gave people the experience of having a private garden space for their homes in the city of London.

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