Mews Houses for rent

Mews Houses for rent in The UK

The term Mews refers to the row of stables which also has living places on top of them. This is actually a British term and is now used popularly all over the world. The houses were usually built along a road behind the big city houses.

This was the style which prevailed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Mews lost their importance soon after the introduction of motor cars. The vast majority of mews houses have been converted into living quarters nowadays. Mews houses are now classed as period properties and as such have increased in value and prestige.

You can find mews houses both for sale and to rent on Mitula. These houses are in high demand and they are mostly located in some of the wealthiest areas in Britain such as Notting Hill. Mews houses can fetch a hefty price both in the rental and sale sectors.

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