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Cottages for rent in The UK

Cottage means a small house. This word has been derived from the United Kingdom. A cottage is actually a house with one main storey. The second storey in some houses has a set of bedrooms with a low roof. In many parts of the United Kingdom the word cottage is used to mean an old house. However in recent times, it simply means a cozy residential place. The modern dwellings which have been designed are an adaptation of the rural ones.

The person who is the owner of the cottage is referred to as the cottager. The term cottage can be applied to any building. This term cottage is used for the pre-modern buildings mainly. The term cottage now has a romantic connotation in many parts of the country. People often associate cottages with something romantic. The coziness and the warmth of cottages has led to this belief. The steady demand for cottages has led to the building of such residential buildings. The need for space and more rooms has been kept in mind and the new plans have been drawn accordingly. There are many cottages in the United Kingdom which have been kept for tourists.

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