Countryside cottages for rent

Countryside cottages for rent in The UK

Cottages are small houses. Countryside cottages are those houses which are located in the countryside and are small in size. Countryside cottages are usually very modest and comfortable dwellings. These dwellings are ideal for people who want to stay far from the hustle and bustle of the city life and live in calm surroundings. The houses of this type usually have a single storey. There can be a second storey consisting of bedrooms and a cottage loft. These kinds of cottages are usually kept as holiday homes by individuals. Often many people stay in such places after their retirement. In the United Kingdom the term countryside cottage refers to the residential dwellings built in the traditional style. More modern buildings which resemble the older type of cottage in most apects are also available nowadays.

In recent times, countryside cottages developed romantic connotations. Due to their location out of the city, their often thatched roofs and picturesque surroundings cottages have a romantic feel to them. Staying in a cottage removes you from the sights and sounds of the city. The demand for cottages on the property market is very steady.

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