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Bungalows for rent in The UK

A bungalow in the United Kingdom refers to a kind of residential building which is detached from other buildings. By the strictest UK definition a bungalow is a single storey building. A sloping roof and dormer windows can usually be found in such houses in the United Kingdom. The bungalows built in recent times are relatively smaller than the ones which were built earlier.

Bungalows became popular in this country in between the two World Wars. They were built mainly in the coastal areas. Many villages in the country still have bungalows which were built in the sixties. Now the residents of such houses are typically retired individuals. The bungalows which were built in the 1930’s were of a more square type and the sixties they tended to have an oblong shape. Chalet bungalow is the term used for bungalows in this country which have more than one storey. They are also sometimes known as dormer bungalows. Wooden shingles, clapboards, cobblestones and chimneys are some of the things which are used for the manufacturing bungalows in the United Kingdom. The lofts in these bungalows are not used regularly, they are used only occasionally by the people living in the house.

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