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Rochdale is a big market town which is located in the Greater Manchester area in United Kingdom. This is situated on the River Roch. The town gained prominence in the eighteenth century as a woolen trade town. It rose to prominence in the nineteenth century as a major mill town and also as a centre for the textile manufacturing. This was during the Industrial Revolution.

The town has a number of important landmarks which are also great tourist attractions. Despite been a market town, the place has an important place in the history of the country. Rochdale Town Hall, the war memorial, the two hundred and forty foot tall clock tower are some of the buildings which bear testimony of the past of the town.

Hopwood Hall College is the only higher education institution in this town. It offers courses for the school leavers and the adult learners also. For getting university level education, the individuals will have to go outside the town as it do not have any university.

Athletics, football, rugby, golf, speedway racing are some of the games which are played with gusto and enthusiasm in this town. Rochdale AFC is the professional football team of the town while the ochdale Hornets is the professional rugby playing team of the town.

Rail and metrolink, buses, roads and Rochdale canal are the transportation means available for the people in this town. Transport for Greater Manchester does the co-ordination between the transportation means in this market town of Rochdale.

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