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Lytham St Anne’s of Lancashire is a metropolitan area that also enjoys the reputation of a sea side resort. An important tourist attraction this place boasts about the Ribble Estuary and sands of St Anne’s and Lytham. In fact in winter one can see about 100,000 birds there. Not only this, you can check out the wide range of rare and uncommon plants and wildlife communities in 80ha of sand dune habitat on the coast of Lytham St Anne’s. The place earns quite a part of its revenue from tourism.

One of the popular festivals of the area is the Lytham Beer Festival that was originally held in the month of September. But from 2012 it has been shifted to the month of October.

The current issue that is the major concern of the area is the lack of space for property development. No more place was available for the developers and they began to replace the existing building. In fact many historical buildings have been demolished in order to create new buildings and accommodate the ever growing population of the area. The former headquarters of the Football League was demolished so as to construct new flats in its area.

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