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Studios for sale in The UK

Studio, studio apartment or studio flat are the different names for the same kind of apartment. This is a kind of living area which includes a living room, kitchen and bedroom in a single room. Bachelor apartments tend to be smaller than studio apartments.

Studio designs consist of a large room which has the living, dining and bedroom all contained in what is usually the same room. The kitchen may be located in the central room or in the single separate room. The bathroom is usually in a small room. The cost of studios is usually the lowest in the country. In the United Kingdom, flats with a shared bathroom are often known as bedsits. These flats are in high demand among the students who come to the United Kingdom to pursue higher studies. They rent a studio apartment and share with their friends. This reduces their costs and they can also stay at in a good area. The facilities provided for the residents are also often of the best kind. This helps the people staying in the studio apartments to live comfortably. These apartments are mainly for bachelors and are seldom chosen by any family for their stay.
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