Mid terrace houses for sale

Mid terrace houses for sale in The UK

Mid-terrace houses share side walls and they were traditionally built in cities which have high density population.

The layout of the houses is such that the houses are all identical and look like a row of houses side by side in a city.

These houses were originally rented out to working class people. Over time this has changed, and mid terrace houses no longer have the same class associations as they once did. Mid terrace houses tend to be the cheapest type of house both to rent and for sale. The upkeep costs and bills are usually significantly lower than other types which is an added attraction.

Along with the lower rent and sale prices and smaller upkeep costs, mid terraced houses often benefit from a strong sense of community. Living in such close proximity to other families means that the neighbourhoods in a given city where terraced housing is found are likely to be the most closely knit. The building of terraced houses has declined sharply since the start of the 20th Century, and the popularity of mid terraced houses has decreased, but that means that the prices for this kind of property have been kept kept relatively low.

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