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Detached house is also known as a single family detached house. However in the United Kingdom, the term single family is not used much for this kind of houses. This is a free residential area which is quite different from the multi-family residential areas. These kinds of houses do not share the wall with any other house. The outside walls of this kind of house do not touch the walls of any other house in the vicinity. Duplexes, threeplexes and linked houses are some of the most common kind of detached houses. These are also called tower blocks as a large number of families can live in one place.

The advantage of detached houses is that the people will be able to use the entire area for their own use. They will not be answerable to anyone for the utilization of the area. However the disadvantage is the fact that they will have to bear the charges of the maintenance and the repair costs on their own. No one else will share the burden with them. Moreover detached houses will require more heat during the winter season to warm the house than those buildings which have shared walls .
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