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Eastbourne is a large town which grew as a favorable tourist resort in Great Britain. Since this is a seaside resort, tourism is of prime importance in this town. The other important industries which have developed in the town are health care, construction, education, scientific and the technical sectors.

Tourism is of prime importance in the town. Some of the notable landmarks which have a great influence on tourism are How we Lived then (a museum), Towner galley, Carpet gardens, Manor Gardens, Eastbourne seafront and many clubs and restaurants. There is an annual raft competition held every year in which the people take part. The people will have to make the rafts on their own and they will have to save the raft from the attacks of a water canyon. This is a hugely popular sport and has gained much importance. The biggest air front sea show is also held in this town. The show which started in 1993 is called Airbourne.

Campuses of the University of Brighton which are present in this town are responsible for the handling of higher education in this town. The development of schools in this place started with the people understanding that the town provides good weather which is good for the health of a person. Speedway, football, stock car racing, cricket are some of the games in which the people in this town engage in. Sailing and boxing are the two games which are gaining much popularity over the course of time in this town.

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