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Blackburn is a town which is famous as a former mill town. Woolen cottage industry prevailed in this town for a long time period. The spinning jenny was also invented by a weaver from this town. Textile manufacturing led to the industrialization and development of this town. This was among the first few industrialial towns in the world. Numerous business parks, Trade Park and a few retail industries are also present in the town as the major employers.

The town has a number of important landmarks. Blackburn Cathedral, Ewood park, Queen Victoria’s Statue, Town Hall, technical School, the Wainwright Bridge, Corporation Park, Witton Country park are some of the major landmarks in the town. These landmarks attract a huge number of tourists to the town. This also is a source of income for the people in this town.

Football, ice hockey and cricket are the major games played in the town by the people. There are many clubs which impart technical education to the people.

The town has seven state schools, a number of private schools, few special schools and two colleges of education. The town does not have a university of its own.

Blackburn central library is the seventh most visited library in the United Kingdom. This is located to the town hall. Apart from the regular sections, it also has a crèche for the children. The town also has a mobile library service. Mill Hill, Roman Road and Livesey parts of the town also have libraries of their own.

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