Property prices for sale in Hammersmith (Hammersmith And Fulham)

The property prices in Hammersmith Hammersmith And Fulham have had a strong rise in the last couple of months. The property prices for second hand homes have gone through a strong increase in this city.

Average price last 6 months
Average price

Based upon to the price in Hammersmith (cities & towns), this has gone up considerably in the last 6 months. The average price during our first sample month during January, is £686,216. During February the price went through a considerable rise reaching £793,704. During the following two months (March, April) the price has had an average incrementation from £739,960 to £811,819. During the last two months, the average price has pretty much remained the same with regard to the previous average values going from an average value of £775,889.5 and £779,734 between May and June.

Data summary
Average price June
Number of properties used in Hammersmith
Number of properties used in region Hammersmith And Fulham
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