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A town house or townhouse may or may not be detached. They can also be of the semi-detached type. The term is usually used for medium density housing in cities. Historically these townhouses were the city residences of the families of nobility. They would own one or more such houses where they would stay during their holidays. It was after the eighteenth century that such houses became to be used by the landowners and servants.

Most of the townhouses found in the United Kingdom are terraced. The large town houses are the ones which are usually detached. After the Second World War, many such houses have been converted into offices or divided into flats. Many agents in the United Kingdom charge hefty fees for the conversion of town houses into private or office properties. Some agents in the country refer to terraced houses as townhouses due to the negative connotations which are associated with terraced houses in some parts of the country. Spencer House in London is one of the last remaining town houses in England, which is still owned by the noble family who originally constructed the house.

Interesting facts about Townhouses on Mitula

97% of the townhouses for sale have pictures. On average an advert for Townhouses has 7.64 pictures.

The most common number of bedrooms for properties in The UK is 3, followed by 4 and 2.

We found townhouses in The UK in Nw9 and Hr3.

Estate agencies in The UK with townhouses for sale include Stone Real Estate, Chancellors - Hay-On-Wye and Avant Homes - Chevin Park.

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