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Reading is an important town and county of Berkshire in England. This is located at the confluence of the River Thames and River Kennet. This town is one of the most important commercial centers in the United Kingdom. This is a major retail center and also is the hub of many of many multinational companies also. Information technology is also another thriving sector in the town.

The University of Reading offers higher educational degrees and also research facilities. This is an affiliate of Oxford University. The University of West London also has its branches in this town which offers courses in nursing to the people.

The town is also famous for some notable landmarks. Prime among them are- the Museum of Reading, small Riverside Museum, Museum of English rural life, the Maiwand lion in Forbury Gardens, the Blade and many more. All these buildings bring a lot of visitors to this town and also contribute to tourism in this town.

The Reading Festival, the Reading beer festival is two of the most celebrated events in the town. The beer festival is one of the biggest festivals in the United Kingdom. It is celebrated in the King’s Meadow every year for five consecutive days.

Private boats and hire boats dominate the transportation scene in this town. Located at the confluence of two rivers make water transport very important in the town of Reading. Road and rail transport is also important in this town. The nearest airport of this town is the London Heathrow airport.

Interesting facts about To Rent Reading on Mitula

97% of the houses to rent have pictures. On average an advert for To Rent Reading has 6.28 pictures.

The most common number of bedrooms for properties in Reading is 1, followed by 2 and 4.

We found houses in Reading in Rg1 and Rg30.

The average price per square foot for this search is £27.67/sq feet, with an average price of £1,508.17 and average area of 54sq feet.

Estate agencies in Reading with houses to rent include Reading Estate Agent, Concept Lettings Ltd and Westgate Properties.

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